We enjoy building exceptional software for our clients. The most rewarding part of the journey, however, is knowing that we have transformed the organisations that we have partnered with. 

Maintenance Case Study – Shine

Shine provide high quality, safely organised childcare for local families. The company was formed from a merger between a sports coaching arm and an after school club. Each had their own web systems which were unified then developed by different companies using different code bases. As Shine grew, the overall complexities increased and the system became increasingly unreliable. As a result, Shine approached us for an exceptional software solution.
Despite all the different code, all the data within the system had to work together. The notes on the children’s health conditions from the booking system, for example, had to be automatically added to all the coaches’ activity registers. Ultimately, what Shine needed was truly exceptional software to meet the needs of their clients.
The most effective long term solution to achieve a unified and fully integrated system was to build one from scratch, which is what we did.
We built a new system that merged the different UX journeys into one seamless experience and a single data schema that could represent all required information from both systems. A lot of the same users had accounts on both old system and maintaining data integrity and consistency was crucial. 
We developed new features, integrated a system staff rota and increased the overall efficiency of the system. Now, parents can access their online account at any time to update any medical information about their child. The new system’s exceptional software can also scale to cope with the fast growth of the company, while maintaining a reasonable infrastructure cost.
As confidence in our ability to deliver as a development partner grew the number of internal requests to provide new features and developments to the platform increased.
Shine has ambitious plans for future growth and we look forward to a continuing relationship maintaining the system on their behalf.
If your team is using a dozen different software packages that don’t work well together why not get in touch? 

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