While we enjoy building exceptional software for our clients the most rewarding part of the journey is knowing that we have transformed the organisations we have partnered with.

Maintenance Case Study – Solutions for the Planet

Solutions for the Planet work with students across the UK to coordinate them to work on interesting ideas that solve global problems.
Solutions for the Planet approached us as, COVID had affected their entire business model. All of their work had previously been undertaken in the classroom on a person to person basis and now everything would have to move online and fast.
We analysed their processes and designed a system to allow teachers to communicate and work with students and for students to work together online.
We had to work quickly to integrate new features into an existing website so there had to be an element of flexibility as well as compromise.
We did this quickly and effectively by reusing their existing website and adding in functionality to allow students and teachers to create online accounts, log in to their team area, upload documents about the project and discuss ideas in team forums. Also, we added a notice board area where staff could easily communicate new info to all students in one place.
The website’s new features have approved a resounding success. Solutions for the planet were able to do their last competition completely online with the new functionality being at the heart of it.
Have you had to move swiftly online to continue trading during COVID? If you need help to streamline your offering and make it more user friendly, please get in touch.

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