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Web Case Study – Demos

Demos is a cross party think tank based in the United Kingdom. It specialises in social policy, developing evidence-based solutions in a range of areas. Demos were looking for a software development company to build a tax calculator for the People’s Budget. It was to be the most comprehensive UK study to date of public attitudes towards tax rise.
The Tax Calculator would be a piece of bespoke software with which everyone could try out alternatives and see how much they would raise taxes and what impact they would have on different households.
The project was going to involve a large degree of flexibility on our part as it was extremely time-sensitive. Also, we were going to be developing the app in collaboration with other parties, in particular an economist who was compiling the data sets, so we did not have full control. The fact that the data sets were being developed in parallel with the app added a significant degree of complexity as we were unaware of what the data format would be during the first stage of development.
We are glad to say that we were able to deliver the Tax Calculator on time and successfully giving people the opportunity to have a go at being Chancellor of the Exchequer and (if they wished) have their recommendations sent to Demos and published. The People’s Budget can be viewed here.
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“Cre8ion did an outstanding job in building the Demos Tax Calculator, which has had a very good reception. Andrius was the perfect IT consultant: exceptionally clear with a non tech client, exceptionally willing to accommodate requests, and exceptionally able to solve problems. The calculator also looked very good. I hope I get the opportunity to use Cre8ion again.”

Charles Seaford, Demos

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