Di9ital are a software development company. We build bespoke applications and modernise and maintain existing legacy systems to meet your clients’ needs.

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At Di9ital, we plan, build and deliver bespoke software in the best possible way for SMEs.  As a result, you can trust our exceptional solutions to provide a customised experience that your clients will love.
Di9ital’s Origins
Di9ital came out of an established partnership from within a creative agency (Cre8ion). Di9ital’s founders, Darrell Irwin (Cre8ion’s CEO) and Andrius Bartulis (Cre8ion’s CTO) had enjoyed a successful track record developing software at Cre8ion. In fact, they were getting such good feedback that they decided to build a dedicated software arm. And, as a result of its origins, Di9ital shares some of Cre8ion’s traits. Not only do both companies have the same commitment to people, purpose and planet, but also a strong desire to help clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.
What makes Di9ital the right partner for you:
Our U.S.P. is the pride we take in the service we offer and the fact that we build for humans. Truly, there is nothing worse (in our opinion) than software that is not fit for purpose and poor to use. Besides, nobody wants to get frustrated trying to perform simple tasks, not to mention trying to work around bugs and system failures.
Everything that we do at Di9ital hinges around certain key principles taken from our Mission, Vision and Values. The way we develop software reflects our commitment to our customers and their needs. Everyone these days is aware of the need to pivot their business around modern technology. And, in the same way, most people know that developing an app can make a real difference to their customers. What they might not know, however, is how to start the journey in the right way.
Our Mission: We exist to make software simple.
Our Vision: To be the ‘go to’ software partner for SME’s needing bespoke solutions.
Our Values:
  • Friendly – Simplify Method, Simplify Message, Simplify Media
  • Flexible – Be Creative, Be Clear, Be Confident
  • Focussed – On Mission, On Plan, On Time
Our track record
Since we started developing we have helped thousands of users get the most out of their software. We do this by concentrating closely on user experience. It’s really because our underlying mission is to make software simple. Long years of experience have taught us that the user must be at the heart of every decision when building bespoke software. In short, this means that your audience will trust the software when they interact with it, creating the traction your business needs.
It stands to reason that technology that focusses on giving the end user a positive experience also gives you reach and scale that other methods do not.

Three reasons why you need Di9ital in your life:
ONE: Your software does not meet/no longer meets your needs.

Are you finding that your business is growing and the software you originally invested in is stalling? In this situation, we’ll help you make a new plan. Firstly, we’ll take time to understand your business goal. Then, we’ll plan the software development journey to guarantee that you attain your goal.

TWO: Your existing team is not delivering on plan, on budget and on time.

In this instance our first objective is to identify the important problems early and split the work into manageable chunks.  As a result, you’ll deliver value early and often. Furthermore, you’ll start making progress rather than seeing resources diminish and problems increase.

THREE: You are the only one who understands why you need software.

It’s time to put innovation at the heart of your business to ensure its successful growth. This can be achieved through a long term, collaborative relationship where we’ll support and maintain your software services. Ultimately, your business will head up the field and the team around you will grow as your business does.

Ready for the first step? Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation