We build top-notch bespoke web applications, modernise and maintain existing legacy systems, and partner up with companies to provide ongoing software development support and services.

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What is an MVP, and why you should start with one?

An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product. It’s an initial design and implementation of your software.

  • First you think of all the possible features, then strip it back to the bare essentials. What’s the “minimum” product we can build that has the value you need?
  • What functionality does it absolutely have to have? Some featues might not be necessary from day one so you would exclude them from the MVP version of the product.
  • You end up with a leaner, less costly product available much sooner.
  • An MVP allows you to get user feedback as quickly as possible and start to really understand what people want out of the software. This allows us to monitor the usage early, and gain valuable insights into what might be the most important features to develop next.
  • If you try to include every possible feature up front, it takes far longer to build, which costs a lot more and most importantly delays your launch to a much later date.
Why outsource software development to Di9ital?
  • We’ll be there when you need us, providing quality end to end software development.
  • We build top-notch, bespoke applications.
  • We will advise you of the most efficient and effective digital strategy for your business, which will save money and frustration.
  • We form long term relationships which lead to better understanding of your business, allowing us to provide you optimal service tailored to your needs.
  • We’ll identify the most appropriate solutions to your most critical business problems.
  • We won’t make compromises without involving you in the discussion.
  • We’ll maintain full transparency from the beginning to the end of each project.
  • We focus on your need, taking time to understand the problem and the situation.
What is the advantage of custom software over off-the-shelf?
  • Bespoke software allows you to build an application to your exact requirements to optimise your business processes, rather than try to fit your business to work within the constraints and processes of an off-the-shelf software package.
  • Ability to expand and grow the software in the future as your business needs change.
  • Time and cost savings over the long term due to optimised and tailored user experiences and business process automation.
  • You own the code (Intellectual Property) and have full power to drive the future design and changes in the direction that is optimal for your business.
How is software built – what is the process?
  • Our process could be summarised as a set of steps: requirements identification, specification design, user interface and user experience wireframing and design, implementation, testing, delivery and review.
  • The above steps define a single iteration of work, and a larger project might be best developed over multiple iterations over the above process.
  • This allows us to deliver value early and start collecting feedback from the users. This leads to the next iteration of work.
  • Such an iterative process is often refered to as “agile development”.
  • We’ll support you long term, making sure the software evolves with your business.
How much does software development cost?
It really does depend on the scale and complexity of the project, however this might help to get an idea of potential ranges of costs:
  • A basic web based application with a user login system, a dozne of data entry and administration pages, reporting and basic process automation could cost anywhere between £10K and £30K (+ VAT) depending on your requirements.
  • A more complex system that might provide all your business’ day to day digital capabilities such as management and automation of business processes, advanced automation, integration with 3rd party systems, and detailed business intelligence reporting could cost between £35K and £200K (+ VAT) depending on complexity of business processes and other requirements.
  • An MVP of a web based SaaS platform could cost anywhere from £30K – £50K (+ VAT) for a more basic platform (i.e. a platform that allows users to track and categorise their business expenses), all the way to £150+ (+ VAT) for a more complex platform such as an events booking platform.
Above is just a very rough example of what costs you might expect, however as every project is unique, feel free to get in touch to discuss your project and get a more accurate idea of cost.
How long does it take to build a custom software system?
It does really depend on your requirements. For smaller projects, time scales might range from 2 – 3 months, however larger more complex project can span anywhere from 6 to 18 months.
However if you do have a time sensitive project please get in touch. We will do our best to accomodate you.
How owns the IP?
You will own the intellectual property developed during this project. This includes all the bespoke code developed for your business, as well as any documentation, assets and other resources developed during the project.
Where are your developers based?
Everyone is employed full time and based in the UK. We don’t do outsourcing overseas or to other companies as we want to ensure a high level of service and quality to our customers.

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