We build top-notch bespoke web applications, modernise and maintain existing legacy systems, and partner up with companies to provide ongoing development support and services.

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Welcome to Di9ital

We are proud to welcome you to Di9ital’s new website.

We are a software development company delivering top quality digital development services to SMEs in the UK. What makes us special is that we deliver exceptional service through our unique process and, once you’ve worked with us, you’ll know that it makes all the difference. We always deliver on mission, on budget and on time.

We are really excited to be launching our mission to provide top-notch bespoke application development services as your digital partner. We form long term relationships with clients so that we can understand your business and identify the most appropriate software solutions for you, focussing on your need and taking time to understand the problem and the situation.

In a nutshell, the main body of our work is building mobile and web applications and maintaining software services. We’re all about providing you with the tools to make more money by giving you added functionality, streamlining your processes and growing your customer base.

Why not journey with us if you have an idea for a mobile or web application? We can build it into an MVP prototype (a Minimum Viable Product) which means you can launch your product quickly and at a lower cost. 

We are thrilled to be able to say that there’s no need to be struggling with software that isn’t working for you! We’ll stabilise and improve the quality of your existing software or even rewrite your platform entirely to increase efficiency and maintain your software to ensure that it works to keep you at the front of the field.

Andrius Bartulis and Darrell Irwin


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Ready for the first step? Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation